A Concept in the Mental Health Services According to Ecological Theory: Therapeutic Environment


  • Hatice Öner Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Aydın / Turkey


Environment, Mental health, Psychiatric nursing, Socio-ecological theory, Therapeutic environment


In recent years, there have been very rapid changes in environmental and social dimensions. All these changes can leave many effects on mental health. The preservation of mental health and  to remain in a certain balance depend on many different variables. In this context, mental health cannot be considered independent of the environment. In this article, the concept of therapeutic environment in nursing is discussed. In addition to this, according to ecological theory, the importance of the relationship between environment and mental health will be emphasized and how the environmental awareness will be improved with a holistic view. Mental health nursing is an important area not only for the individuals who are mentally ill, but also for the maintenance of the mental health of the individual and the community. Human in mental health concept, should be considered in the biopsychosocial integrity. The concept of environment in mental health nursing, although it is very important in terms of affecting human psychology, it has been considered limited. In mental health nursing, the concepts of environment and therapeutic environment and psychosocial environment are more prominent. However, the ecosystem, in which we live in mental health, has a great influence on all elements in the environment, such as climate. Changes in the environment and ecosystem can huge impact not only on our biochemical balance but also on our mental health. In this work, the aforementioned concepts are examined in the context of related literature and suggestions have been made to improve the mental dimension of therapeutic environment.