About the Journal

Climate and Health Journal is an international, peer reviewed and open-access scientific publication for the academical papers on the fields of climate, climate change and health to be published.

Climate and Health Journal is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that aims to serve as an effective tool for the academicians and researchers working on the fields of climate, climate change, environment and other related fields, and researchers expert in their fields within non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public sector organisations and international organisations to share their scientific assessments, research findings and analyses.

"Climate and Health" journal aims to bring together the studies conducted, and the evidences and experiences gathered on the field of climate and health by researchers expert in their fields.

Scope: "Climate and Health" is an international academic journal with the scope outlined below:

  • Determining the impacts of climate change
  • Revealing the affectibility and vulnerability particularly within the field of health based on climate change,
  • Evaluating the dimensions of climate change that are related to individual and public health, healthcare sector, social determinants of health and to other sectors,
  • Being prepared against the changes emerged or the risks that have the potential to emerge in result of climate change,
  • Risk management, risk mitigation strategies,
  • Developing rapid responses against climate change and adaptation strategies,
  • Successfully managing the impacts related to climate change,
  • Ensuring resistance in the society against the impacts that emerge,
  • Bringing out strategies and policies aiming for accelerating processes for transitioning into the new normal status in the face of adverse impacts
  • Providing space for the scientific studies, researches, assessments and analyses in regards to the urban/rural policies developed in the scope of the topics indicated above.

Objectives: Through the studies that are to be included in "Climate and Health" journal, the following aspects are aimed to be realised:

  • Revealing the impacts of climate change on health,
  • Determining early warning, rapid response, prevention, combating, adaptation and resistant society development strategies and policies at different, particularly urban, settlement scales,
  • Contributing to strengthening the cooperation and governance culture among different stakeholders included within the processes relevant to the implementation of such strategies and policies.

Thus, "Climate and Health" journal shall be an important source of reference for the decision and support mechanisms in line with the principle of health through the strategies, assessments, analyses and policies developed in the context of the studies.

Each paper submitted to Climate and Health Journal is initially assessed by editor. Afterwards, the peer review process commences for the selected papers. Double-blind review hiding names of authors is utilised during the reviewing process for the papers submitted to Climate and Health Journal. There is no application or publishing fee for submitting papers to Climate and Health Journal. Papers may be submitted electronically by using the below link on the website of the journal. There is no application or publishing fee for submitting your paper. Authors have to present their ORCID numbers during application.

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