Alternative Uses of Treatment Sludge (Agricultural Areas and Additional Fuel)


  • Hüseyin AKSAN Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Aydın / Turkey
  • E. Didem Evci Kiraz


Treatment Sludge, Sewage Sludge Disposal Methods, Sewage Sludge Reuse


Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, whose number is increasing day by day, also cause treatment sludge, which constitute
environmental problems. In my seminar, the sources of sewage sludge, the content of sewage sludge, stabilization and disposal methods, direct or post-disposal damage to the environment and the usage areas of treatment sludge will be investigated. The majority of sewage sludge is stored on land or disposed of in solid waste storage areas. They must be stabilized so that waste sludges can be reused or discharged into receiving
environments. Drying, leaving to rot or burning sewage sludge is only a temporary disposal method. In this context, reuse of treatment sludge
should be considered. If we give an example to the recycling applications of wastewater sludge, the use of suitable sludge stabilized as a result of
various processes as organic fertilizer or soil conditioner for agricultural purposes, energy recovery in wastewater treatment plants by gasification, alternative fuel and concrete raw material in cement factories can be given as examples. In my seminar, it is deemed necessary to carry out studies to increase the researches in order to develop and disseminate these applications and to develop new applications.