Climate health challenges on people with disability


  • Francis Samonte Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health


climate health, people with disability, emergency management, mental health


People with disabilities (PWD) ranging from physical to mental health issues are vulnerable to environmental perturbations. The emergence of climate change as an important environmental factor in health outcome- particularly in low-income communities where health care delivery system is often inadequate- has profound effect in these individuals. Recent events in 2022 (Hurricane Ian & Fiona, western & southern plains drought, extreme heat, etc..) revealed profound effects from climate change. Increase in air pollution and heat effect are some of the environmental stressors that will exacerbate the already inadequate health care infrastructure for this vulnerable population. Current strategies aimed at people with disabilities are primarily geared towards addressing delivery of medical care and related services, even though health inequities and environmental social justice remains underserved. This article looks at the challenges faced by individuals with disability and remediation needed to mtigate the profound issues.