The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Plant Protection


  • Nalan Turgut Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Agriculture


Climate Change, Agriculture, Plant protection


Climate change is regarded as an environmental security problem that develops outside of the natural variability of the climate event and adversely affects our planet due to the strain of the ecological balance of nature for various reasons. The effects of climate change have started to be felt more and more recently in the world and in this sense, increasing temperature values, irregularities in precipitation regimes and meteorological disasters threaten the future of the world and humanity. In addition, the rapidly increasing world population, industrialization and urbanization cause a problem due to the greenhouse effect of the pollutant gases released into the atmosphere. In this study, an evaluation of the studies on climate change has been made and with this evaluation, the general effects of the subject, its effects on the agricultural sector and plant protection are included. Along with the agricultural sector, where the effects of climate change are observed the most, food safety and international trade issues are also at risk, and in this regard, all countries should cooperate on an international scale and show the necessary sensitivity in taking measures.