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Climate and Health Journal is an international, peer reviewed and open-access scientific publication for the academical papers on the fields of climate, climate change and health to be published.

Climate and Health journal aims to bring together the studies conducted, and the evidences and experiences gathered on the field of climate and health by researchers expert in their fields. Climate and Health Journal is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that aims to serve as an effective tool for the academicians and researchers working on the fields of climate, climate change, environment and other related fields, and researchers expert in their fields within non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public sector organisations and international organisations to share their scientific assessments, research findings and analyses.

There is no scientific periodical publication that handles the topics that intersectoral from the fields of climate and health in an inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral approach in Turkey. The scientific projections for the future and the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing right now reveal that the processes impacting public health based on climate change are on the rise, and point out the need for strengthening the cooperation among different disciplines within the field of climate and health. In this direction, it is crucial that these two disciplines are handled together.


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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): Climate and Health Journal Vol. 3 ISSUE 2 -2023
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